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Some of the facts of the case of the death of a Young Copywriter Diran Mita

Mitha diran 

Pradnya Paramitha better known as Mitha Diran, a copywriter who works at an agency Young and Rubicam, now indeed perished. The hard-working young woman dies after about 30 hours of nonstop work. Behind the sad story, there are a few facts that we can look back to take lessons from him. Working hard is indeed recommended, but keep in mind that any body has the right to be met.

Last Tweet Mitha, in @mitdoq ' 30 hours of working and still going strooong ', indicating that he had worked out the threshold power person. Work 30 hours without sleep is never suggested by one health expert in the world. The body needs sleep 8 hours every day, eating and other activities also in order for health remain awake.

The 27-year-old woman is smart and creative. This is evident from his winning Image Pariwara Award. "He has also just won the image Award Pariwara, the Prize 2 silver, 1 bronze. The winning categories art of home, outdoor, "bright stepfather Mita, Yani Sahrial.

It turns out that diet trends also follow Mitha OCD popularized by Deddy Corbuzier. The diet requires his followers fasted for 18 hours, 20 minutes and 24 hours. This is certainly the more aggravating his condition, the less intake of energy and nutrients. Mitha look thinner since undergoing diet program.

After working hard, Mitha instead of berisitirahat even gathered with friends outside the Office. As a result the girl fainted and was immediately taken to hospital. Alas, life is not preserved anymore after a comma.

Mitha himself apparently suffered from insomnia and nervous diseases. Apparently this is what causing it to use the time off to work.

Energy drinks to accompany Mitha while working, and makes it feel strong hold. Whereas the danger of consuming energy drinks without food is quite fatal.

Pradnya Paramita or Mita Diran, a women's profession as a copy writer (writer) during the last interred in TPU Orange belly, South Jakarta. Allegedly, this 27-year-old woman died of exhaustion due to working for 30 hours in his Office.

According to the Maya, the mother of his children Mita, the bladder is buried right next to the grave of his grandfather. On site, the tomb of his grandfather Mita is also embedded the flag red and white poles of wood on top of the tombstone. From gravestones carved the name h. Prakosa and inscribed on the flag 45 Fighters.

"It was interred next to the grave of his grandfather, Mita," said Maya when met at the TPU Kaffir lime, South Jakarta, Thursday (16/12). However, Maya does not reveal other information about who is actually the grandfather of the Mita.

Admin message: create agan agan who often stayed up late, or not sleeping all night, better rest, though an hour or several hours. Because the human body is not a robot, that can work 24 hours non stop. Many people are using the method of the management body the wrong way, well one of them stayed up late as a victim.
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